Stretched ceilings

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DECOMAT is original and at the same time genius simple idea for arranging your ceiling. The attaching profiles are installed along the perimeter of the premise, at the customer's desired level.

The ready ceiling, made per individual plan of your room is quickly and cleanly installed in these profiles.

Regardless the type of the previous ceiling, you receive brilliant result with the DECOMAT stretched ceiling.

You are receiving

  • Ideally plane surface. all problems, cracks, roughness, communications remain under the stretched ceiling.
  • Mat texture. It is recommended to a classic interior.
  • Gloss ceiling. It will bring additional space in your shop, restaurant, swimming pool, bath-room, kitchen or another premises, thanks to the mirror effect.
  • Ceiling with thematic textures - marble, wood, mother-of-pearl, cloudy sky, metallic. Ideal adding for fine exquisite interior and modern design.


DECOMAT stretched ceilings have numerous advantages and significantly differ from the traditional methods for finishing and renovation of ceilings.

When comparing the different types of ceilings (traditional - ground coat and painting, gypsum board ceilings, suspended ceilings and stretching ceilings) it is easy to convince yourself in the advantages of the installation of DECOMAT stretched ceilings.

The long-lasting functional life (from 15 to 20 years) and the 10 years warranty period will release you for a long time from the concerns of following reconstructions.

DECOMAT stretched ceilings have unique features and functional abilities that allow their wide utilization in building re-constructions of public and housing premises.

Area of application

The area of application of DECOMAT stretched ceilings is incredibly wide:

Public premises

Housing premises

DECOMAT-Bulgaria Ltd.

The company has the exclusive right to represent the stretched PVC ceilings of the brand name DECOMAT (Germany), in compliance with the conditions of the concession utilization of the brand DECOMAT in all its aspects in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Since 2005 DECOMAT Bulgaria Ltd. has a licensed right for production of the ceilings DECOMAT in the Republic of Bulgaria from European materials.

DECOMAT stretched ceilings are produced by using original equipment under strict quality control that makes production and installation of the stretched ceiling possible within 1 day term.

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The brand name DECOMAT - this is a modern technology, high quality achieved based on multi-phase production control, specialized software and good service level.